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New here

Since I just joined, I thought that I should make a post.. this is a drawing that I did, an illustration if you will of a poem...

The Ghoul


The Gruesome Ghoul, The Grisly Ghoul,

Without the slightest noise

Waits patiently beside the school

To feast on girls and boys.


He lunges fiercely through the air

As they come out to play,

Then grabs a couple by the hair

And drags them far away


He cracks their bones and snaps their backs

And squeezes out their lungs,

He chews their thumbs like candy snacks

And pulls apart their tongues.


He slices their stomachs and bites their hearts

And tears their flesh to shreds,

He swallows their toes like toaster tarts

And gobbles down their heads.


Fingers, Elbows, Hands and Knees

And Arms and Legs and Feet-

He eats them with delights and ease,

For every parts a treat.


And when the Gruesome, Grisly Ghoul

Has nothing left to chew,

He hurries to another school

And waits… Perhaps for you.


~Poem by Jack Pruelutsky

~Illustration by Ericka Niemann

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